Calendar of Events

I have been writing! Please take a look at two recent articles pertaining to maps. I am mid-way through presenting a series of articles on reading maps titled "Hiding in Plain Sight" published by The Journal of the California Map Society.  Please see the September 2021 issue (Volume 2021,Issue 2) for the second article in this 4-part series. The map discussed in the September, 2021 issue is American Red Cross Map of Paris, 1944. This article will be available on line until publication of the next journal article in the Spring, 20222. The link to the California Map Society web site is Members of the Society may view archived older issues of the Journal. The first article discussed a mid-19th century wall map of Ellsworth, Maine. Please see a discussion here about that 19th c. Ellsworth, Maine map.        ______________________________________________________________________________

Through the end of the calendar year 2021, our show participation will only be in web based "virtual" shows. Please check this page for dates and links. Certain materials that were offered in the ABAA New York Virtual Show September, 2021 and prior ABAA web based shows are listed on The 2021 offerings from the web based ABAA show will be available also on my web site by September 17, 2022. is the site for another calendar of shows in which I will be participating that are hosted by Marvin Getman. Please consult the web site for monthly show calendars and updates. I do participate in certain of those web based shows and will be positing those events here. Entry to the shows is free and the web site is very clearly designed for the first time visitor.

Please stay in touch until we can meet in person. Your telephone inquiries are always welcome as are requests for a photographic sampling of maps or other materials in inventory.

To be signed up for my  mailing list there is a form to be completed on this web site. Mailings will be monthly at best.