New Inventory

A Volume of Sacred Musick, 1814

             Hon. John Hubbard, Professor of Mathematics and Natural Philosophy in the University of Dartmouth  (1759-1810) died before publication of his work. The early 19th century copyright notice of this music book explains that the author's heir filed for copyright protection under the new U.S. Constitution's provisions to protect the original works of authors:

A New Map of Kentucky, 1857

        This is a rare pocket map of Kentucky four years before the Civil War. The map is a bright color lithograph, with three inset maps: one in black and white of Falls of Ohio River with major cities on either side of the Ohio River  including Louisville, Jeffersonville, the Shipping port Canal, Portland and New Albany; a black and white inset map of Washington, Williamsburg and Clarksburg; and a large color inset map of Lexington in Fayette County with the surrounding counties. A chart on the map lists Steam Boat Routes.

Colton's Virginia, Pocket Map, 1861

      This 1861 Colton pocket map of the State of Virginia is a rare pocket map that shows the State of Virginia in its entirety before the western portion was removed in 1863 for the creation of the state of West Virginia. There are two black and white inset maps: one of Richmond, Henrico Co., Manchester and Springhill, Chesterfield Co. and the other of Norfolk, Portsmouth and Gosport. The Explanations Key on the map shows the symbols for railroads, Common roads, canals, the State Capitol at Richmond, counties, towns, village post offices and depots.

Soil Map of Middlesex County, Massachusetts, 1924

     This large soil map of Middlesex County, Massachusetts is a finely printed multi-color lithograph that represents the different kinds of soils present in Middlesex County that were deposited during glacial periods and as a result of more recent events. Each town is labeled. Contours are shown. Symbols illustrate different kinds of topography, such as wetlands.

Gray's Kentucky and Tennessee, 1873

      This map of Kentucky and Tennessee, the typical pairing of these states, was published in the first edition of Gray's Atlas of the United States with General Maps of the World,1873 that provided the general public with up to date maps of each state that were also decorative.

The Collection of Psalm and Hymn Tunes Sung at the chapel of the Lock Hospital, 1809

            This is the first American edition of this scarce work. The first two London editions of this collection of psalms and hymns and the first American Edition, offered here, were with varying success dedicated to the charitable support of the Chapel of the London Lock Hospital, an English institution that opened in 1747 as the first clinic in London dedicated to the medical care of women afflicted by venereal disease.  Later the hospital developed a maternity ward and gynecological services. A Lock Asylum for the Reception of Penitent Female Patients was opened in London in 1792.

Provincetown Harbor, Massachusetts 1891

This late 19th century survey of Provincetown, Massachusetts at the tip of the Cape is filled with fine details of the land and the sea.  The electrotype engraving process used to produce this chart permits very fine graphic rendering. Therefore, the topography of the area on the outer Cape can be seen.  The town of Provincetown, including the piers and small buildings along Cape Cod Bay are all shown. This small sized chart is nonetheless a comprehensive mapping of an active 19th century seaport just at the turn of the century.

The United States of America, 1947

            It is not often that Americana is translated into a 20th century idiom that relies as well on an art form from the European Middle Ages illuminated manuscript. This unusual post WWII color lithograph was created by the artist Arthur Szyk (1894-1951), a professional painter and miniaturist illuminator and political activist born in Poland to Jewish parents whose artistic training was in Cracow and Paris, before he immigrated to the United States in 1940.