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  • Rand McNally Shipper's Atlas "Look at this Map!"
  • Extremity of Cape Cod
  • American Republic/Signing Declaration of Independence
  • Mitchell's Traveller's Guide 1843

Original Antique Maps by Carol J. Spack offers maps, books and rare prints from all over the world. Original Antique Maps concentrates on Americana. You will find antique geographical surveys, atlases, school geographies, reports of travel and discovery, celestial charts, ocean or nautical charts, railroad maps, soil maps, urban plans, scenic bird's eye views and other publications of the times such newspapers, broadsides, advertising graphics, children's books, antique medical prints and occasionally antique music. From the twentieth century you will find boldly colorful pictorial maps.

What unifies this collection is that each map, print or book is a spokesman for its time, illustrating that moment when political boundaries moved, territories grew towns, inventors redefined science and technology, political sovereignty shifted or a new cultural paradigm emerged.