Rand McNally Official Map of the Moon [3-D ed.] 1969

Rand McNally Official Map of the Moon (1969) Including Far Side of the Moon Special 3-D Edition
color photo based print
Unrestored original condition
as found new in original package, excellent condition, double-sided, original folds professionally flattened
53.5 × 48 inches
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This oversized, double sided, color map of the Moon includes both the "front" of the Moon and its Far side. The map includes a dedicated Index that contains an alphabetical listing of the lunar features named on the Moon map. The Index includes thumbnail, black and white photographs. The photographs on the map and in the index were taken by NASA with one from the Novosti Press Agency, Moscow.

The Map shows surface features in considerable detail based on the best available scientific views available as of 1969.

The large scale of the map creates a sense of presence for the Moon and its imagery.

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