We Buy Maps

Do you have an antique map, chart, book, print or hand drawn material for sale? We encourage inquiries from you about selling one map or a collection.  Original Antique Maps actively buys maps.  If you have a map, print or other work on paper that you would like to offer for sale to Original Antique Maps, please get in touch with us.

  1. A telephone conversation is often a good first step to describe what you are offering for sale and on what terms. A letter or correspondence by facsimile is also welcome.
  2. Please email several digital photographs that show (i) the full view of your antique map or other materials, (ii) the title block with the publisher's name, location and date of publication and (iii) specific measurements of your materials.   Any provenance of the map or materials that you might be able to provide is also helpful. Any special terms of sale should be provided by your letter or email.
  3. If the map or other materials are located in Massachusetts, or within a reasonable day's travel,  making an appointment for a visit to look at your map or other items is most helpful.
  4. Distance may make it impractical for us to meet and see your map in person. If you decide to deliver those materials to us via mail or commercial carrier, any materials mailed or delivered to Original Antique Maps must be insured by the sender in transit and until returned to you. The cost of delivering your map to us is at your expense.
  5. If we do not make an offer, your materials will be returned at our expense. If we do make an offer, and you accept, payment will be sent according to the terms of our agreement.

All inquiries and review of your materials will be kept confidential consistent with standards of professional conduct.