Fort Monroe And Vicinity [Virginia] c. 1860

Fort Monroe And Vicinity [Virginia] c. 1860 Showing Entrance to Chesapeak Bay, Norfolk, Portsmouth, Gosport Navy Yard etc.
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    This 19th c. color print of Fort Monroe in Virginia was published in Boston by book publisher E.P. Dutton. The print is referred to in the literature as a print and as a map. It is a finely drawn view of Fort Monroe, including roads and railroads and a map view of the Chesapeak Bay and Norfolk. The Library of Congress includes this print within its collection  of Civil War, Virginia maps. The LOC dates the print variously [Boston, 186-] and 1860.  Their version does not show color in the water as this example does.
     Please see Defending America's Coasts 1795-1950, A Bibliography prepared by Dale E. Floyd, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers at p. 88 where one author refers to Ft. Monroe as the Gibraltar of Chesapeake Bay.1/  

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