Nouvelle Asie [nd]c. 1946-1947

color lithograph backed on linen
Unrestored original condition
as found good original condition front and verso, strong folds
27 × 38 inches
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    Blondel de la Rougery titles this map in French Nouvelle Asie, in English New Asia, signaling perhaps that it represents boundary lines adjusted after WWII.  The historic East Asian significance of the map is that it shows India before its partition into two nations, India and Pakistan. That occurred in 1947. A similar British colonial change occured in the Middle East, when the State of Israel was created. A second clue that this map is c. 1947 is that Israel does not yet appear on the map.
    Nouvelle Asie is a relatively large scale pocket map. When the map is folded, it can be identified by a black and white publisher's paper label bearing the framed map title pasted on the top panel of the map. The color lithograph is well detailed as to geography and political subdivisions. The map also provides a good pre-partition look at India and its political neighbors

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