A Map of Virginia and Maryland, 1756

Thomas Jefferys, Engraver
London, 1756
black and white engraving
Unrestored original condition
as found, good condition, laid paper, original single fold, toning to paper
7.75 × 5.75 inches
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            This scarce 18th century map, A Map of Virginia and Maryland, 1756, was published in London in at least two editions, of which this is the first. It appeared in a book titled A Compendium of Authentic and Entertaining Voyages, vol. 3, p. 125 and is based on an earlier map by Fry & Jefferson of 1753.  Geographic features graphically dominate the map, with the "Blue Ridge Peaks" shown in relief graphically along with the Allagany Mountains. The "spring head" of the Patowmack River is labeled near "Lawrel Thickets" that must have been a considerable area to appear on a map.  This map also labels the Great Falls on the Patowmack. Many meadows are located and named, including the Tobacco Row M.  in a land area between two rivers. English towns such as Norfolk, Williamsburg, James T. and Belhaven or Alexandria are located, rivers and streams are labeled and provincial borders are drawn as dotted lines. The Dismal Swamp is shown on this map straddling the dotted border of Virginia and North Carolina. The tip of Pensilvania is drawn, with Philadelphia located.

            No mention is made on the Map of Virginia and Maryland, 1756 of Native American tribes or territory.

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