Space Age (1959)

Space Age (1959)
color print
Unrestored original condition
good original condition, strong colors throughout, paper evenly toned, bottom margin corners with slight wear
37.5 × 25.5 inches
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Space Age is a colorful, imaginative and defining composition. This poster was drawn by the artist Richard Amundsen who worked in San Francisco in the art studio Patterson & Hall. His identity and the identification of all of the imagery in his poster are discussed by Atomic Rockets using colorful art work, labeling and other research. Please see the citation below. The illustrated article takes each labeled Space Age invention as shown in the poster, and presents its inventor, most frequently Wernher von Braun with context about where these inventions might lead. The popular magazine Collier's ran a series of articles about space exploration cited in the Atomic Rockets article. Space Age captures America's metamorphosis from treating space as science fiction to working on inventions to propel humans off of the Earth and into space.

Some of the inventions in Space Age became the subject of movies, television programs and the popular imagination. The "Space Wheel" designed by Wernher von Braun appears as the "Space Station" and later in Star Trek as the Star Ship Enterprise.

Richard Amundsen composed a print in 1959 that captures the era and fuses art, imagination and new technology. Space Age is still food for the imagination.

Space Age Poster - Atomic Rockets web site provides a comprehensive description and discussion of this art work. Please visit this site for a pictorial history of the 20th c. space program.

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