Bengasi, Libya to Cairo, Egypt FC 67, WWII Flight Chart, U.S. Army 1945

Bengasi, Libya to Cairo, Egypt FC 67, July 1945 Aeronautical information January 1946
Washington, District of Columbia, 19
color lithograph
Professionally conserved
Folded, double sided chart, reverse World Pilotage Chart, Location Index and Key professionally conserved, original folds
14.5 × 59.5 inches
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United States Army, World War II aeronautical chart showing Libya and Egypt with signs of use in service. Many printed and overprinted notations with updated information. Aeronautical Information January 1946. Other notations such as "Restricted", "Not for Sale or Distribution" and "For Use by War and Navy Department Agencies only.

The reverse of the Chart contains "Emergency Survival Advice" that explains that the greatest risk to the plane's crew is coming down in the desert, where lack of water and extreme temperatures are perils. There are instructions for water rationing, for the necessity of seeking shade, instructions to travel on foot only at night and and how to use clothing for protection from the desert sun.   There is also a chart with estimates of survival times in the desert in number of days. Winter and summer season temperature charts are also provided for emergency survival advice.

This North Africa aeronautical chart is part of a larger collection of WWII U.S. Army aeronautical charts of North Africa and one chart showing a portion of Japan, several charts showing areas in India, and one showing a region in China. Many but not all of these titles are photographed and listed. Please therefore contact Original Antique Maps for these unpublished titles.                                                                                   

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