Gray's Kentucky and Tennessee, 1873

O.W. Gray, Author
hand colored lithograph
good original condition, bright colors
17 × 15 inches
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      This map of Kentucky and Tennessee, the typical pairing of these states, was published in the first edition of Gray's Atlas of the United States with General Maps of the World,1873 that provided the general public with up to date maps of each state that were also decorative. This particular map is a very good example of Gray's work, with clear original color that sets off the counties in each state and the state boundary.  This map shows the progress both civic and commercial that these states had made since the end of the Civil War in expanding the  local railroads, canals and steam boat lines.  The growth in the number of cities and towns is also reflected in this edition of the map and can be compared, for example to the Mitchell Map of Kentucky, 1857 shown elsewhere in this catalog and a rare, early 19th century pocket map that shows Kentucky only.

      Gray's Atlas of 1873 was a library reference and a ready reference book for any person seeking information about America or any other place in the world. In the absence of any other means of holding in one's hands such an authoritative collection of maps of far away places, Gray's Atlas of 1873 was an exceptional publishing accomplishment.

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