The Lunenburg Farmers' Club 1855

The Lunenburg Farmers' Club,[Massachusetts], Will Hold Their Seventh Annual Fair and Exhibition! Wednesday, September 26th, 1855, And Offer the Following Premiums:
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            The Lunenburg, Massachusetts Farmer's Club was formed in 1848 1/ and reflects that this north central Worcester County, Massachusetts town had a substantial concentration of farmers relative to small factory owners and mechanics.  The Farmers Club published this broadside in 1855, thus only 7 years after it was formed. Charles A. Goodrich is the President. The broadside is printed locally by Garfield's Printers in nearby Fitchburg.  The broadside is effectively a directory of local farms, and describes the kinds of farming for which prizes were awarded for best in class. The broadside includes a list of the Farmers' Club Committees comprised of the farmers active in Lunenburg. This locally printed broadside is a portrait of a Pre-Civil War, rural and agricultural Massachusetts town.


1. Massachusetts Historical Commission Reconaissance Survey Town Report: Lunenburg

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