Map of Northern Maine -Lumbermen and Sportsmen 1897

Map of Northern Maine Specially Adapted to the Uses of Lumbermen & Sportsmen Issued by the Bangor & Aroostock RR 1897
Geo. Walker & Co., Lithographer
Bangor, Maine
Professionally conserved
Very good conserved condition. Original fold lines, one small area of loss at 4-way intersection of fold lines.
31.5 × 27.5 inches
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This iconic,  large format 19th c. survey map of Northern Maine bears a title and format that broadcasts the two major economies of northern Maine: lumbering and sports fishing and hunting. While somewhat stylized and therefore difficult to decipher, the map date appears to be 1897. The map was compiled and copyrighted by the primary railroad in Northern Maine, the Bangor & Aroostock Rail Road. The railroad line is indicated on the map, as is s small area of manuscript. An example of this map is located at the Maine State Library. A later edition of this map with a different author is in the collection of the Library of Congress. The highly detailed 1897 map provided navigation landmarks in a region with scarce development or infrastructure. Much of the land is unincorporated and throughout shown in surveyor's sections.

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