The State of Maryland from the Best Authorities (1795)

The State of Maryland from the Best Authorities Engraved for Carey's American Edition of Guthrie's Geography improved
Samuel Lewis, Author
copper engraving
Professionally conserved
professionally conserved, cleaned and backed on Japanese mulberry tissue, vertical folds in paper flattened, mended tear in lower map and in right margin that continues half inch into map image, historic hand coloring as found, strong impression and plate mark, wide margins
16.5 × 11.5 inches
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This 18th century map of Maryland is the first published atlas map of the State of Maryland published in America.  The copper plate engraving portrays Maryland's topography, networks of natural waterways (at a level of detail from river to creek to marsh and even a beaver dam), main routes, counties, cities and towns as of 1795. Baltimore is drawn with a small city grid.  The map includes an inset showing the continuation of the Potomac River from Fort Cumberland.  The Pocomoke River is shown ending in a tree filled Cypress Swamp that straddles the border of Maryland and Delaware.  A small portion of New Jersey is shown across Delaware Bay. The eastern shore of Virginia is traversed with travel routes east into Delaware. Old, soft hand coloring in this example of the map adds additional definition to state boundary lines, the border and the scale.

The prime meridian is from both Philadelphia and London. Distance is measured at a scale of 69 ½ American miles to a degree. The coast  of the Chesapeake Bay and shore of the Potomac are also drawn in fine detail, with Mt. Vernon shown in plan, the settlement at George Town  also in plan and a large plan at Washington.  Mountains crossing into Virginia are drawn with shading. North of Washington in Frederic County Peter's Tavern is located on the main route. The Dover Ferry is noted on the Eastern leg of Maryland.

Samuel Lewis' map of The State of Maryland, from the best Authorities is a compilation of travel and mapping both on foot and off shore acquired before the American Revolution and updated over the next 19 years to 1795.

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