Vue du Centre de Paris, 1951

Vue du Centre de Paris a vol d'oiseau, Grand Marnier Liquor, 1951
G. Peltier, Mapmaker
Paris, 1951
color lithograph
Unrestored original condition
Very good original condition, bright untouched colors and good print, original folds in map sheet as published are professionally flattened.
29 × 43.5 inches
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    This is a highly decorative bird's eye view of central Paris ("vue a vol d'oiseau"), printed in French, showing all of the city's important historic buildings, such as the Palais du Justice, the Tour Eiffel, the Place Vendome, Palais Royale, Arc De Triomphe De L'Etoile as well as Paris gardens and parks such as Jardin Des Tuileries. The major train stations are shown. The Seine is filled with boats and ships under sail. The Ile De La Cite is drawn with the same level of detail.  Paris neighborhoods are shown on the map with fine architectural detail and invite the viewer in for a stroll. This colorful map was produced as an advertising piece and tourist map by Grand Marnier Liquor whose name appears in the "cartouche", typically a map element reserved for a royal sponsor. The map key identifies both points of historic interest to tourists and modern venues such as hotels, discoteques and cafes. The overall color scheme of this map is red, white and blue as befits a French decorative print. Red dots show places of special interest. The map has a deep blue border. The lithograph is drawn in black on a white ground.

     Stylistically this map references earlier monumental birds eye view maps of Paris most notably the Turgot map of 1739 that was drawn on twenty individual sheets that when assembled comprise a map of eight by ten feet that presented every building in accurate architectural detail, the parks and all other features of Paris. A later version  of the Turgot map was issued in 1900.  Here in one colorful sheet is Grand Marnier's plan toasting the city of Paris by capturing its distinctive architectural detail, Parisian neighborhoods and active commerce on the Seine.

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