Colton's Virginia, Pocket Map, 1861

Colton's Virginia, Pocket Map, 1861
J.H. Colton, Author
New York City, 1861
hand colored lithograph
Unrestored original condition
Very good original overall condition as to the folding map, one small separation at a fold, clear bright colors, discoloration only where map was attached by publisher to cover. The front cover has some wear to the surface. Gold lettering as shown. Covers are tight to the map.
16.8 × 13.7 inches
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      This 1861 Colton pocket map of the State of Virginia is a rare pocket map that shows the State of Virginia in its entirety before the western portion was removed in 1863 for the creation of the state of West Virginia. There are two black and white inset maps: one of Richmond, Henrico Co., Manchester and Springhill, Chesterfield Co. and the other of Norfolk, Portsmouth and Gosport. The Explanations Key on the map shows the symbols for railroads, Common roads, canals, the State Capitol at Richmond, counties, towns, village post offices and depots. Thus the map is highly specific as to travel routes. The brightly colored maps shows counties in contrasting colors, a thick red line outlines the state and  the extensive mountain ranges are shown with fine shading and hachures.

There is a complex decorative border typically used during this period by Colton. The map itself is Copyright 1855. The Prime Meridian is Washington, D.C.

There is a pencil manuscript note on inside pocket cover:

"Found in W's Portmanteau after he was killed". Please refer to the bottom photograph to see this inscription.

This is a scarce, early Civil War pocket map that based on the inscription was carried into battle by a Civil War soldier.

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