Geological Map of the Lake Superior Land District in the State of Michigan

Geological Map of the Lake Suprior Land District in the State of Michigan. Prepared pursuant to an Act of Congress approved March 1st, 1847, entitled "An Act to Establish a New Land District and to Provide for the Sale of Mineral Lands in the State of Michigan" by J.W. Foster and J. D. Whitney U.S. Geologists.
J. Ackerman, Lithographer
J.W. Foster, Author
J.D. Whitney, Author
color lithograph
Professionally conserved
Strong original colors in both the map and the geological key. Original fold lines in paper professionally flattened with the entire map laid down on Japanese mulberry tissue. Some paper loss along two original fold lines. Toning to paper. A good overall example of this graphically detailed map.
43 × 30 inches
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