Lloyd's Topographical Railway Map of North America or the United States Continent in 1900 Projected by J.T. Lloyd

New York and London
color lithograph
Professionally restored
professionally restored, varnish removed, new linen backing, new silk edges, paper toned, some paper damage and loss
58 × 64 inches
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This visually dynamic 19th wall map is a projection of what J.T. Lloyd imagines the United States will look like in the year 1900. Some published narratives have misunderstood the publication date as 1900.  In fact, this 1873 edition is at least the third edition of Lloyd's futuristic map. Lloyd copyrighted the map in 1866, one year following the conclusion of the U.S. Civil War having even obtained an endorsement for the map face from Lt. Gen. Grant as to its accuracy. In the seven year interval from copyright to 1873 Lloyd published at least three editions of this map to portray post Civil War America now refocused economically in both the North and the South. America's 19th century economic powerhouse appears on the map in transcontinental railroads, two international telegraph lines and international shipping with large fans of clipper ships embarking from New York and San Francisco and in the South from the Delta of the Mississippi. Steam ships, mail boats and clipper ships are seen on the map on labeled routes.

The map is at a very large scale that permits a detailed depiction of topography and human activity. The map reads "Scale: 83 ¼" miles to an inch or 1: 5,274,720 of Nature." There are two inset maps. The first inset is: Lloyd's Map of South America To Accompany Lloyd's Map of North America, J.T. Lloyd, Publ. 1873. The second inset is "the Aleutian Islands and continuation of Alaska Peninsula." At the bottom of the map is: "Diagram of Lloyd's Patent Reverser for Whirling Lloyd's Double Map" to help explain how to display a double sided version of Lloyd's maps.

Defense of copyright is also a part of this wall map's message.  J.T. Lloyd declares on the face of this map "The Public is cautioned against another "Lloyd" by which name he hopes to deceive with spurious "Lloyd's Maps." This man's Maps are engraved coarsely on wood and very erroneous. He follows us with an imitation of every Map we issue. His Map of the United States has many towns located in the wrong counties, the streams in the Territories running a wrong course…." By contrast, Lloyd's endorsement from Lt.Gen. Grant dated 1866 extols the reliability of Lloyd's map of Virginia.

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New York and London