Map of the Town of Dublin New Hampshire 1906

Map of the Town of Dublin New Hampshire Including the Part Set Off to the Town of Harrisville, From Survey of Thomas Fisk 1853 with additions and corrections by Samuel Wadsworth 1906
hand colored lithograph on linen
Good original condition of map and colors, with original linen, map surface as found and original wood rods and hanging loops, affected only by several small irregularly shaped brown spots at the top of the map.
28 × 36 inches
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            This is the wall map of Dublin, New Hampshire frequently cited as the antique wall map of the town. However, as the title of this map indicates, it is a 20th century update of the 19th century survey of Thomas Fisk, (Please see elsewhere on my web site for the listing).  Perhaps the most distinctive feature of the Wadsworth map is the updated survey record of Harrisville as it was set off from Dublin along the northern town line. The Wadsworth survey also records more of Mt. Monadnock below the Dublin town line to the south. The other new features are a renaming of Centre Pond as Monadnock Lake. 

            Dublin in 1906 also reflects new technology, namely electricity.  There are several reservoirs identified on Wadsworth's map, including the Dublin Electric Co. Reservoir, the  Knight Reservoir and the Howe Reservoir. Roads are shown, and house locations indicated by a symbolic small square.  Lakes are labeled and colored blue. Monadnock is shown with hachures and colored brown.

Taken as a pair, the Thomas Fisk wall map of 1853 and the Samuel Wadsworth wall map of 1906 present a graphic history of the settlement and growth of Dublin, New Hampshire and its most distinctive feature, the great Mount Monadnock.

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