A New Map of London, 1829.

A New Map of London, And, Its Environs, 1829.
John Bumpus, Author
hand colored lithograph on linen
Professionally restored
Professionally restored color lithograph wall map on new linen, new silk edging and attached to original wood rods, map and accompanying chart in good condition, some repairs to paper along side margins and lower margin near attachment to wooden rod.
32 × 24.5 inches
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A New Map of London And Its Environs, 1829, likely published in late 1830 or  in 1831 based on the  range in the heading of the population chart on the map (1829-1830) is a detailed and historic image of London as a major city in transition from local industry to international trading powerhouse. A myriad of place names are labeled, streets and ways to the smallest route, the Thames and Greenwich Reach to Blackwell Reach and the Isle of Dogs. Factories stand by farmland. Fields and wetlands are delineated graphically. A windmill near the Cricket Grounds is shown. At the bottom of the map on a different sheet is the Consulting Index to Cooke's New Plan of London and the Borough of Southwark.

This small wall map offers a walking tour of London, some only able to be imagined and some of which stands today.

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