Boston Elevated Railway System Route Map, c. 1944

Boston Elevated Railway System Route Map, 6th Edition, c. 1944
Richard Lufkin, Mapmaker
Bucks Printing Co., Lithographer
color lithograph
Professionally conserved
good condition, professionally conserved with folds flattened and backed with thin mulberry tissue, strong colors, images on reverse with schedules of route, map of elevated railway on the front, previously folded as a pocket map for public transit customer.
20.75 × 17.84 inches
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   This  Sixth Edition of the System Route Map of the Boston Elevated Railway was published c. 1944 by the Boston Elevated Railway, the penultimate map before the line was taken over by the MBTA several years later. The map was originally folded.  The reverse of the map lists "Public Buildings, Places of Historical and Recreational Interest" as well as the numbered routes for the entire line that permitted continuous travel from Melrose to Dedham on the line. Another section of the back that formed the original back cover the map boasts the excellent safety record of the line:

 "First in Safety, The El's record of safety awards over the years is unequalled by any other street railway. Awards won for safety are listed from 1915 to 1942 after which a note on the map explains "Won American Transit Safety Award and, because of its many awards, now debarred from further competition.  ...Beginning in 1931, it has won every competition for which it was eligible."

This Boston Elevated public transportation system route map reminds us nearly 70 years later that the Boston Elevated Railway Company was committed to investment in public transportation that was once Boston's pride. The map bears a union stamp at the bottom for its Boston printing house.

            The map has been professionally conserved and flattened. On the reverse, translucent mulberry tissue permits reading all of the information printed. Strong color, a few areas of loss along original fold lines, an otherwise good example that can be confidently handled and enjoyed as a transportation route map.

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