Map of the City of Boston, 1910

Map of the City of Boston published for the Boston Directory, 1910
Boston, Massachusetts, 1910
color lithograph
Professionally conserved
professionally conserved, backed with thin Japanese mulberry tissue
31.25 × 36 inches
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This detailed street map of the City of Boston and its neighborhoods, that also shows the immediately surrounding towns was published in Boston by Mary Sampson, president of Sampson Publishing Company, a publishing company active in Boston from approximately 1880 to at least 1910. The firm was known as Sampson & Murdock. Sampson was active in the arts and culture of Boston. This detailed Boston map accompanied a Boston street directory produced by William Edwards Murdock and the red numbers on the map correspond to entries and descriptions in that directory. The map was drawn in large scale to permit street level detail, with each street and way being named, and the publisher used contrasting color by neighborhood and for adjoining towns to assist in reading the map, as well as to assist the traveler in Boston or its surrounding towns to navigate successfully, map in hand.

Originally the map was folded in order to fit within the directory and for ease of use by the traveler. In its current state, the map has been professionally conserved and backed with tissue so that the entire map can be read.

This Sampson & Murdock's map of Boston is found in institutional collections, including the Leventhal Map Center at the Boston Public Library.           

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